Unique "Direct Pressure Sensor" design for more patient protection and safe Contrast injection.

Patent No. ZL200920129005.9

Contrast Media Injectors


CT Single-Head Injector
International first class, two level protection injector


CT Dual-Head Injector

Anti-leakage design with Strong and smooth pushing head


MRI Dual-Head Injector

Dual channel syringe design with over 100 set up protocols

About Sinomdt

  • Sino Medical-Device Technology (Sinomdt) is founded in 2007 and is regarded as a high- tech company dedicated in designing and manufacturing medical equipment.
  • Sinomdt has now more than 180 employees and a strong network of distributor all over the globe.
  • The Sino contrast injectors are simply designed for safe injections at the same time delivering premium quality and stable performance.
  • Sinomdt also provides syringe tubes and kits for CT/DSA/MRI contrast injectors, including international brands as Medrad, Nemoto, EZEM, Imaxeon and Liebel-flarsheim .