Equine Imaging Solutions

equine imaging

1012w Wireless FPD

  • Cesium Iodide Scintillator (CSI) detector for highest x-ray conversion.
  • Wireless connection to facilitate portable operation.
  • 10 x 12 inch (25 x 30 cm) size.
  • 127um Pixel Pitch Premium High-Resolution Flat Panel Detector.
  • Detachable handle for easy positioning.
equine dental

VetMAX Oral Sensor

  • Dedicated oral sensor for equine imaging.
  •  Outstanding quality images by 70um Pixel Pitch CMOS super high-resolution sensor. 
  • Handle arm to facilitate sensor positioning.
Equine application Sw

MyVET Equine SW

  • Equine fully featured dedicated software.
  • General Imaging and dental application on one operating system.
  • Touch screen for a more convenient portable system.

Sample Images

equine x-ray imaging

 Your All In-One Equine DR Package

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