Dental Imaging Systems



Vatech is a Korean medical manufacturer, with focus on dental imaging products.

Vatech offers a wide range of models ranging from entry level 2D to highly advanced 3D systems.

With its 14 subsidiaries and wide distributors network, Vatech has a strong global presence. And lately has aqcuired the 3rd position in global market share quickly moving forward with a vision to be the global leader.

Vatech Globaly

Design Managament

Since 2009, VATECH has started to focus on design management and demonstrated the supriority of it.
VATECH, as the big winner among dental imaging makers in Korea, has been winning 6 design awards
of 4 dental imaging products, PaX-Primo, PaX-Reve3D, PaX-Uni3D, PaX-i.

VATECH makes a ceaseless effort to set the trend of the world imaging market, seeking the design focused on customer value.

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