Veterinary X-Ray Machines and DR Upgrade Solutions

Fixed X-Ray
DR Upgrade Kit
JADE Systems
Dental X-Ray
VET X-RAY Systems

VXR VET Radiography Systems

-  The DRGEM VXR VET radiography systems provide your practice with instant high quality images, with a user friendly VET software interface for easy data management and image processing

-  The high frequency X-ray generator features excellent accuracy, reproducibility and long-term stability.

-  The VXR is a very smart and complete veterinary x-ray machine with small footprint and floating table top.

-  The fast kV rising time minimizes unnecessary patient dose, and supply superior image quality.

JADE Systems 

Portable VET X-Ray Units
  • Compact, light weight veterinary x-ray machines with powerful high frequency generator
  • 120kV, 100mA, 250mAs, 4kW output
  • Dual Focus: 0.5/1.5mm
  • LED Light Collimator
  • Free adjustment of KV and mA
  • Easy X-ray field control by sliding knobs

Integrated Mobile JADE VET radiography systems

Portable X-Ray
  • Mobile foldable veterinary x-ray machines that are very easy to use and operate.
  • Easy to move and to store.
  • Compact and powerful 4KW x-ray tube
  • Counter balanced tube stand
  • Wheel locks
  • Additional scan controls on tube head
  • Ideal for small clinics, small spaces or mobile services.

AcquiDR VET Acquisition System

Ideal Solution For Upgrading Conventional Veterinary X-Ray Machines

DRGEM VET AqcuiDR fully featured digital acquisition systems allow you to acquire images in a few seconds, annotate, measure, calculate and share them for consultation and reporting.

The DR upgrade "AcquiDR" Comes in two configurations, desktop or laptop configuration.

VET X_Ray upgrade

  • Flat Panel Detectors


CSI flat panel detector
  • Wireless or tethered CSI flat panel detectors
  • High-shock tolerance carbon fiber plate with a magnesium housing
  • Anti-dust and water proof surface
  • 150 kg uniform load limit
  • Up to 5Ghz data transmission speed
  • 3 detector batteries, 5 hours operation time each

Why Flat Panel Detectors?

  • Optimize your busy workflow
  • Improve diagnosis by better visualization of the anatomical structures at a much lower dose
  • Improve the x-ray tube efficiency and hence the life time of your x-ray machine
  • Long term solution to protect your investment

Blog: Computed Radiography (CR) vs Digital Radiography (DR)

  • Acquisition Workstation


vxr ws
  • 1 Terabyte Local  storage + CD burner.
  • Friendly user interface for data management, post processing and data archiving.
  • Scanning and image acquisition within 10 seconds
  • Dicom 3.0 networking interface for PACS connection including Query, Store, Worklist and Print.

Vatech EzRay Air 

Dental Portable Veterinary Radiography System Designed for Operator Comfort

Dental VET X-Ray


No need any more for assistance while scanning patients, the new dental x-ray design allows operators to use one hand for scanning and the other hand for positioning the sensor.

The Newly Designed EzRay Air Offers:

  • Innovative and very light portable x-ray system
  • Wide selection of KV and mA for optimizing image quality
  • Smallest tube focal spot of 0.4 mm for generating clear images
  • Shielded ring for extra operation safety
  • Easy selection of type of tooth and pet for optimum results
  • 3 sensor sizes and user friendly software for patient management and data storage

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