DRGEM Chiropractic X-Ray Machines and DR Upgrade Solutions

Chiropractic x-ray

Chiropractic Radiography Systems


  • A good image quality system is essential for chiropractors to better visualize the alignment of bone structures, joint spacing and integrity of bone cortex, together with any possible abnormalities in the surrounding soft tissue structures.
  • DRGEM chiropractic x-ray systems are one of the most durable and reliable systems with global presence and great feedback.
  • We can support our customers by providing them with customizable DRGEM x-ray systems, where they can choose between different varieties of product's parts and features to best suit their business needs and budget.



Scanned by DRGEM GXR-52SD Digital System

What we can offer:

  • Conventional x-ray machines, ranging from basic entry level to high end digital systems.
  • High frequency generators ranges from 32 Kw to 82 Kw.
  • Fully digital x-ray machines including 43x43 cm CSI flat panel detector and chiropractic x-ray Software.
  • One phase and three phase high frequency generators.
  • ¬†Manual and motorized stitching for up to 5 regions covering the whole body.
  • DR Upgrade solution for easy upgrade from conventional to digital system.
  • DR Upgrade of DRGEM conventional systems to a fully integrated digital system.
  • In-house installation and service, including remote diagnosis capability.
  • X-Ray room layout designs.



Chiropractic x-ray

Standard and Compact Designs

A - Type FC4..

Floor - Ceiling Standard System. Tube moves in 4 directions, vertical and longitudinal, allowing scanning at SID 100cm to 180cm.

Chiropractic X-Ray FC4

B -Type FC2..

Floor Mounted compact design, Ideal for very small rooms.
Tube moves in 2 directions, up and down. Tube stand is fixed at SID 100cm.

Floor Ceiling Type FC2. Tube moves in 2 directions, up and down. Compact system with SID fixed at 100cm. Ideal for small rooms.

Digital Acquisition Systems and DR Upgrade Solutions

The perfect solution from DRGEM to improve your x-ray image quality and optimize your workflow using a large field of view flat panel detector.

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DR upgrade