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Conventional X-Ray Machines

  • Unlike the majority of manufacturers, DRGEM manufacture all its x-ray machine components in-house, giving it a superior advantage in product supply and support
  • The GXR-S are the newly designed conventional radiography systems
  • GXR-S models are equipped with a high frequency x-ray generator and a powerful x-ray tube allowing an excellent image quality at a very low dosage.
  • The motorized table, wall bucky and the free floating tabletop, together with the flexible movement of the tube (270 degrees rotation) make the system very easy to operate.
  • Full upgradablity on-site from conventional x-ray to a digital x-ray machine through our flat panel detector solution "AcquiDR".
DRGEM Digital X-Ray Machines

Digital X-Ray Machines

  • GXR-SD x-ray systems are the digital radiography series ranging from 32 KW to 82KW.
  • GXR-SD Systems can come with either floor standing x-ray units or ceiling suspended x-ray units.
  • Full Digital x-ray system with the choice of tethered or wireless flat panel detector.
  • Multiple optional features like motorized movements, synchronization of tube and bucky trays, stitching....etc.
  • Very powerful, easy to use systems with an exceptional image quality.

DRGEM Digital Radiograpgy system

Application Software

  • Fully featured¬† RADMAX II software.
  • RADMAX operating system is designed with operator in mind, allowing fast, accurate and easy operation.
  • Two clicks away from remote service support.
  • Service platform for remote diagnosis and calibration.


Application Software

  • Fully featured¬† RADMAX II software.
  • RADMAX operating system designed with operator in mind allowing fast, accurate and easy operation.
  • PACS Interface for DICOM connections.
  • Remote access for system diagnosis and basic calibrations.
DRGEM Digital Radiograpgy system

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