Easy upgrade to DR with the "AcquiDR" solution

Digital Acquisition Solution

  • The DR upgrade "AcquiDR" is equiped with a light weight flat panel detector (FPD) designed for digital radiographic systems.
  • The AcquiDR comes with either a tethered or wireless FPD, or a combination of both.
  • The wireless detector communication enables easy migration between table, above the table, chest stand, and mobile cart applications.
  • The 16 bit digital FPD generates an outstanding image quality at a transfer speed up to 5GHz.
  • Water resistant (face-up) and dust proof detector.
  • Resistant to load and shock
  • Fully featured  RADMAX II software.
  • RADMAX operating system is designed with operator in mind, allowing fast, accurate and easy operation.
  • 24/7 remote service support.

Why Flat Panel Detector?

  • Optimize your workflow
  • Improve diagnosis by better visualization of the anatomical structures at a much lower dose
  • Improve the x-ray tube efficiency and hence the life time of your x-ray machine
  • Long term solution to protect your investment