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Posted  January 5th, 2019

What to consider when buying an x-ray machine?

Digital x-ray machine

When time comes to purchase an x-ray machine, many buyers with no related technical knowledge will get confused between different machines’ specification, and consequently might not be able to compare prices fairly.

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Posted August 3rd, 2018

CSI or GOS Flat Panel Detector?

Flat Panel Detectors CSI VS GOS

If you ever came across a situation to choose between CSI and GOS detector, what would you choose?.

Based on a common question that we are always asked; “which detector is more convenient for my practice, the GOS or the CSI detector".

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Posted  March 6th,  2019

Computed Radiography (CR) or Digital Radiography (DR)?

Computed and digital radiography

Whether you are just starting radiography service and need to cut down cost or upgrading your system to catch up with recent technology advantages, this question might pop up into your mind.

To Summarize the major differences between CR and DR systems, we will mention the most thought of aspects for any business.

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