DRGEM VET Radiography Systems


VET VXR X-Ray Systems
JADE Systems
DR Upgrade Kit
VET X-RAY Systems

VXR Systems

  • The DRGEM VXR systems provide your practice with instant high quality digital images of companion animals with a user friendly VET software interface for easy data management and image processing
  • The GXR high frequency X-ray generator features excellent accuracy, reproducibility and long-term stability.
  • Very smart and small footprint system with floating table top.
  • Fast kV rising time minimize unnecessary patient dose, and supply superior image quality.

JADE Systems 

Portable VET X-Ray Units
  • Compact, light weight and powerful high frequency generator
  • 120kV, 100mA, 250mAs, 4kW output
  • Dual Focus: 0.5/1.5mm
  • LED Light Collimator
  • Free adjustment of KV and mA
  • Easy X-ray field control by sliding knobs

The newly released  portable JADE radiography systems

JADE Systems
  • A very easy to operate portable system.
  • Easy to move and to store.
  • 4KW x-ray tube
  • Counter balanced tube stand
  • Wheel locks
  • Additional scan controls on tube head
  • Ideal for small clinics, small spaces or mobile services.


AcquiDR Acquisition System

Ideal Solution For Upgrading Conventional Systems

DRGEM AqcuiDR fully featured digital acquisition systems allow you to acquire images in a few seconds, annotate, measure, calculate and share them for consultation and reporting.

  • Flat Panel Detectors


fpd white background bigger
  • Wireless or tethered GOS or CSI flat panel detectors
  • High-shock tolerance carbon fiber plate with a magnesium housing
  • Anti-dust and water proof surface
  • 150 kg uniform load limit
  • Up to 5Ghz data transmission speed
  • 3 detector batteries, 6 hours operation time each

Why Flat Panel Detectors?

  • Optimize your busy workflow
  • Improve diagnosis by better visualization of the anatomical structures at a much lower dose
  • Improve the x-ray tube efficiency and hence the life time of your x-ray machine
  • Long term solution to protect your investment

Blog: Computed Radiography (CR) vs Digital Radiography (DR)

  • Mini-PACS Workstation


vxr ws
  • 1 Terabyte Local Mini-PACS storage + CD burner.
  • Friendly user interface for data management, post processing and data archiving.
  • Scanning and image acquisition within 10 seconds
  • Dicom 3.0 networking interface for PACS connection including Query, Store, Worklist and Print.